Building A New Home? Green And Energy Saving Features You Must Include

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Building a new home is one of the easiest ways to get an efficient home, because you choose all the appliances, lighting fixtures, controls, and more that go into the home. If you are looking to make your home as green as it can be and to reduce energy costs, these are a few of the things that you want installed at the time of the build.

Grey Water System

Instead of having the water that runs down the sink and tub wasted, have it reused in a grey water system. This water can be redistributed and recycled in different areas throughout the house after it goes through a filtration system, and it helps you to conserve water. Not only does this help you cut water bills and reuse water to preserve the environment, but this water can sometimes also be used to help irrigate your lawn.

Solar Power

With panels along the roof, in areas in the yard, or on the side of the house, you can use solar power to provide electricity to your home. The amount of power you need and use at one time along with the amount of sun you get on the property throughout the day affects how much solar energy you can use. These factors will also dictate how much money you can save with solar energy. Talk with experts like Solar Energy Services about making solar energy a staple in your home.

Heat Pump

A heat pump that works like a furnace and an air conditioner for your home can lower energy costs for heating and cooling. The geothermal heating options can do the following:

  • Pull warm air from the earth and atmosphere
  • Regulate humidity in the home
  • Remove hot muggy air from the house for cooling

You will want to find a geothermal heating and cooling expert to design the system for your home and to determine what other appliances you may or may not need for heating and cooling.

Contractors can put these systems in and plan for the appliances when they create your home design, so be sure that you are asking for these things when you are picking out a layout for your home. There are so many different things that you can use that are green and will conserve energy, so you'll just have to determine what options are the best for your budget and for the layout of your future house.


19 January 2017

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