3 Tips For Keeping Your Septic Tank In Good Condition If You've Never Used One Before


Did you recently purchase or move into a house with a septic tank system? If you've never had to deal with a septic system before, you might find that you and your family will need to change some of your daily habits in order to keep your septic system operating properly year after year. Here are three tips for first-time septic tank users to keep in mind.

Your Kitchen Sink Is Not a Trash Can

If you or your family are used to using your toilet or your kitchen sink and disposal as an extra garbage can, you're going to want to nip that habit in the bud as soon as you move into your new residence. With the exception of toilet paper, there aren't many other things that will play nice with your septic system. Specific items you should avoid sending down into your plumbing include baby wipes, paper towels, feminine care products, bleach, cooking oils, grease, and disposable diapers. All of these things might be fine in the trash can, but they will not break down properly within your septic tank, and you could soon have a clog on your hands. Invest in a couple extra trash cans for various rooms in the house if you must, but make sure you are encouraging proper disposal with every member of the family.

Be Careful If You're Interested In Changing the Landscaping

If you've just moved into a new house, you might be interested in sprucing up the outside yard. But before you go planting anything, make sure you are aware of the location of your septic line and drain field. You never want to plant anything that has roots anywhere near these areas. Roots can eventually find their way into your septic line and the surrounding area, and then you'll have a real problem.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Depending on the size of your septic tank, it could go theoretically go up to a few years or longer before it needs to be pumped. But that doesn't mean you should wait until you see signs of a backup before you call the local septic tank service. Schedule an annual maintenance check-up, and you hopefully will be able to stay on top of the situation before any significant issues arise.

If you are about to become acquainted with a septic tank system for the first time, educate your entire family about what can and cannot go down the drain. Also be careful when planting trees and plants outdoors, being sure not to put anything too close to the septic line or drain field. For best results, schedule an annual check-up with a local septic tank service like Mr Bob.


9 February 2017

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