Tips For Handling And Disposing Of Household Hazardous Waste Products In Your Garage

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If you have decided that it is time to tackle the job of cleaning out your house's garage, then it is important that you know how to safely handle and dispose of any household hazardous waste products that you find. Without proper handling and disposal, your unwanted solvents, paints, cleaning chemicals, and other toxic substances can harm you or the environment. 

To ensure that you handle and dispose of your garage's household toxic waste in a safe manner, follow each of these important tips:

Tip: Take Unwanted Cleaning Products to Your Community Drop-off Point for Household Hazardous Waste

Every community has a place where you can legally dispose of household hazardous waste products. If you find cleaning products or other old chemicals that you cannot use, then you should ask your local trash removal company where you can take them for legal disposal. 

Tip: Recycle Used Motor Oil and Spent Batteries

If you find containers with used motor oil in them while you are cleaning out the garage, then you should take it to your local oil changing shop or auto parts store. Both of these types of businesses will typically collect your used motor oil and send it out with their own for recycling. Additionally, if you find any old tractor or automotive batteries, you can take those to your auto parts store as well to be recycled. As an added bonus, many auto parts stores will pay you a "core" fee for each spent battery that you give them.

Tip: Open All Cans of Paint and Let Them Dry Out

While it is not safe for you to toss old paint cans into your household trash can while they have wet paint inside of them, it is safe to dispose of them after the paint has dried out. Rather than haul off your partially filled paint cans to the toxic waste disposal site, instead, you can open them up and let the paint air dry. Since the paint will smell while it is drying, you should place it outside on a hot day where it can dry in the sun with plenty of ventilation. Once the paint has dried, then you can safely toss the paint cans into your trash can.  

Tip: Consult a Professional Hazardous Waste Disposal Firm for Excessive Amounts of Waste or Unknown Toxic Materials

Finally, if you live on a family farm and you are cleaning out the garage for the first time in many generations, then you should consult with a professional hazardous waste disposal firm in your local area. The professionals will be able to help you identify unknown toxic materials you find in unmarked containers and will dispose of any harmful materials for you. Contact a company like TransChem Environmental to learn more.


23 February 2017

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